APEX Siding

Apex Ultrex Siding System by Marvin

The Premier Home Siding Solution

Innovative Technology

DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding, Inc. is proud to offer you a new innovation in siding that is revolutionizing the industry by improving on every critical area of siding performance and aesthetics. Apex Siding System by Marvin is made from Ultrex, a patented pultruded fiberglass that has been used in Marvin windows for 16 years. This is a proven technology that is unlike any other siding product on the market.



Unparalleled Performance

New England’s unpredictable weather can take its toll on any house, but Apex siding outperforms vinyl, wood, steel and fiber cement sidings in its strength and moisture impact resistance. APEX has an unmatched ability to withstand both freezing and sweltering temperatures, rain, and wind that is perfect for sustaining your house’s beauty regardless how harsh the weather may be. Because APEX is made of Ultrex, you will never have to worry about caulking or repainting your siding again, significantly reducing maintenance costs.



Sustaining Beauty

Apex Siding is unmatched in strength, but for many homeowners, how the siding looks on their home matters more than everything else. APEX will add immediate curb appeal to any home with siding that features an integrated acrylic finish that is four times thicker than factory-applied paint, so it never requires repainting. APEX has the look of freshly painted wood, but never chips, splinters or breaks like painted wood does. APEX siding is also available in 10 rich colors and 4 finish styles that will give any home a rich and distinctive look.


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