In What Cases You Need A Cool Mist Humidifier Over A Warm Mist Humidifier

It’s cold and the air is dry. You are looking to invest in a humidifier to maintain healthy levels of humidity in your home. However, the decision on which type of humidifier to get is turning out to be an not so easy one to make. If you’re stuck on whether to get a warm or cool mist humidifier, we got you covered. According the articles from site page –, we have compiled a list of cases where a cool mist is needed. The list will ensure you make the wisest choice for you and your loved ones in all matters humidifiers.

Let’s get started:

1.You have kids or pets

Other than being really cute and adorable, kids and pets have another thing in common-curiosity-one quality you don’t want them to be exercising on a warm mist humidifier. The water in a warm mist humidifier can get rather hot posing potential risk of burns by either the hot vapor being released or accidental hot water spills. Warm mist humidifiers are highly discouraged in homes with kids or pets.

2.You have respiratory problems.

One of the most probable reasons you want to get a humidifier is to relieve your respiratory ailments such as colds during the chilly weather. It is easier for your body to inhale cool mist compared to warm mist. Following this, a cool mist humidifier would be a more efficient way for you to achieve your objective. Cool mist humidifiers also go a long way in reducing the effects associated with coughs and nose bleeds.

3.You are prone to allergies

The warm moist vapor from warm mist humidifiers may provide a conducive environment for mold, a known allergen, to grow and thrive in the room where the humidifier is kept.

4.You want a humidifier that covers a large area

Vapor from cool mist humidifiers spreads more efficiently covering a larger area compared to vapor from a warm mist humidifier.

5.You want to minimize maintenance activities

Cool mist humidifiers are easier to clean and require minimal maintenance activities. With warm mist humidifiers, frequent cleaning is required as warm air may encourage bacterial growth in the humidifier. Also, the boiling process in a warm mist humidifier leaves mineral deposits which build up over time and may interfere with the normal functioning of a humidifier.

6.You’ll be moving your humidifier from place to place

As mentioned earlier, the water in a warm mist humidifier gets rather hot. The dangers of handling the humidifier as you move it from one place to another is real. Therefore, if portability is a feature you are looking for, a cold mist humidifier would be your safest option.

7.If you want to save on power costs

Cold mist humidifiers do not come with additional power costs associated with warm mist humidifiers which have to heat the water inside them before releasing vapor.

I know a warm mist humidifier sound like the perfect balance of the much needed warmth and hydration during the cold and dry winter air. However, if any of the above cases apply to you, getting a cool mist humidifier will be your safest and most comfortable option.