Why My Family Love Cartoon Backpacks


The fantastic thing about cartoon backpacks is the sheer number of them available, no matter what (or who!) your favourite cartoon character is you'll probably be able to find a backpack featuring them. This is true if you're an adult, as we grown ups love our cartoon backpacks too, but if you're a kid (or a parent of kids) using a cartoon backpack can really help to show off your likes and even your personality.


I have four children ranging in age from 19 years down to my five year old, who has recently started school – it's fair to say I have bucket loads of experience with cartoon backpacks. It's great, finding a school bag is so simple as each of the kids have their favourite shows or cartoon characters and it's usually a quick and easy job to source a cartoon backpack to fit their preferences. Currently my two youngest children have cartoon backpacks, the eldest has recently chosen Minecraft and Frozen cartoon backpacks while her little brother carries his bits and pieces to school in a Thomas and Friends or Smurfs cartoon backpack.


Personally I love the backpack style of bag for my children, the shoulder straps being far easier to hold and carry for small hands than the short-strapped 'book bags' which are so common at the moment. I like the fact most cartoon backpacks have a large main compartment (in relation to the kiddie size of the bag, of course!) but also feature a smaller zipped pocket for the smaller but important stuff (tuck money, consent letters for teacher and the like).

Also, as is so important with children, the fact most cartoon backpacks have the capacity to be fully zipped up is a definite advantage – the majority of manufacturers of cartoon backpacks thankfully realize that young children really would lose their heads if they weren't so firmly attached to their bodies, it's good to see this reflected in the styling of most cartoon backpacks on the market.


I've seen plenty of grown adults sporting cartoon backpacks, a common design at the moment being Dr Who or (of course) variations on a Star Wars theme. Perversely the cost of most cartoon backpacks seems to rocket on characters relating to the pre-school market, the cartoon backpacks owned by my five year old being far more per unit than those purchased and used by my adult daughter – although you can take it as read a Star Wars ANYTHING is going to cost…


Cartoon backpacks are excellent, both in terms of being fun to carry and also as they're so very useful for transporting your stuff from A to B. A simple thing like purchasing a loved character on a cartoon backpack for a young child can help the scary transition to school a little more familiar, and who doesn't think it the height of cuteness to see a little one carrying a backpack that is almost as big as they are! I couldn't recommend cartoon backpacks more and will continue to buy them for my children for as long as they want to carry them.